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Change Begins at Home! 

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Find vitality with Intuitive Life Design by creating personal, home, and business energy shifts.

Interior Design

Do you ever feel that every day you have questions personal to you and dedicated to your spiritual life?

God, the universe or our inner knowing whispers to us every day about which choice to make but we don’t always know or understand those whispers. The frequency of those whispers that you might not be able to hear or tend to ignore speaks to me through intuitive downloads. Our mission is to follow the path that we came to fulfill in life. Those quiet and sometimes obvious nudges are to guide you through life to your mission or purpose. I can guide you through the ability to tune in directly to what their mission is and what the next steps are for them. It comes to me through random visions, visceral feelings, and my voice. I am compelled to tell others as it serves a purpose in their lives and whether they accept it or not is not my part of it. It’s a natural ability that cannot be denied as it doesn’t serve the higher good if not shared. It is a part of every cell of my body. A large part of my purpose in life. If you are in a disempowering place or maybe just in need of an adjustment in a pretty darn good life, I can intuitively facilitate shifts to move that energy to be back on your path or mission. These obstacles can stop us from our fulfillment in life. 

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Hi, I'm Pushpa!

Published author, speaker and energy healing facilitator.

Since 1992, I have been aware that I am blessed with the ability to sense energy in the body, a home, or any business. This is not a trained ability but a sense I was born with and realized later in life. I believe we all have special gifts that we may hide from or may not accept or understand about ourselves. I've learned to embrace my gift, channel the insights I receive, and interpret it to guide my clients in creating a more purposeful life. My passion is to facilitate growth to help you reach your highest potential.

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Personal Energy Shift

As a Personal Energy Shift Facilitator, I offer a unique and powerful service to help you change your personal energy body. By working with me, you can gain clarity, insight, and direction to intuitively design your life. Through my guidance, you can experience transformation in your life, as well as lasting, positive shifts in your energy.

Home Energy Shift

The Home Energy Shift service is designed to help you make the most of your home energy and create a sacred space that will bring you joy and freedom to express your individuality. As an intuitive home energy facilitator I will help you to identify blockages and shift the energy of your home to clear the way for greater flow and soul alignment.

Business Energy Shift

Business Energy Shift offers intuitive life design to create a creative, energized business culture. Our experienced facilitators will work with your company to create optimal outcomes through the strategic placement of furniture and decor, and subtle energetic shifts. You'll be amazed at the positive, happy energy that will fill your workspace.

Everything included in your Energy Shift session...


Our Personal Shift service is designed to help you create lasting positive change in your life by helping you shift your body, mind and spirit. We specialize in helping you break old patterns and create a new physical flow, as well as remove any energy blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. With our intuitive guidance, you will be able to create the life you want and deserve.

Value Aligned Home

Home Shift provides a unique service to help you unlock the flow of communication, love, abundance, joy and sacred space energy within your home. With intuitive reading of your home we will guide you through the process of shifting the energy in your home to create a positive and balanced environment that will bring true joy and abundance into your life. Let's make your home truly aligned with your soul!

Increase productivity and creativity

Business Shift is an intuitive life design service that helps businesses create a culture shift towards greater happiness and increased productivity. We will help you create a flow in the workplace aligned with values by recharging the flow through decor and furniture change ideas. Let's make your business thrive!

Book Your Session

  • Anyone who needs a shift in their relationships, finances, health, or ...

    1 hr

    350 US dollars
  • For any business that needs a shift in productivity, creativity, or gr...

    3 hr

    1,500 US dollars

Success Stories


"Pushpa has an organic, true gift that most of us could only dream of being able to share with others. Her gentle, kind spirit is not intimidating, but confident, genuine, and spot on! Pushpa was able to help me bring back positive energy in my home during a time of family illness and un-neighborly vibes."

Anne-Marie Tucker

1 / Complete online intake form

We will review the intake form together in person or via Zoom.

2 / Survey the space together

Proper adjustment recommendations will be provided (time period to review will be given at this time

3 / Review space within appropriate time period

I will review your space and complete the energy shift.

What to Expect

Facts About Energy

Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can change from one form to another.

Energy can be in many forms including kinetic, thermal, potential, electrical, chemical or spiritual.

The energy of the body has been studied for thousands of years.

Happiness Guaranteed

There is no reason that you won't be happy! We will make sure of it! If you are not happy contact us and we will do what it takes to create happiness with your experience!

Change your life and let your light shine.

What is Intuitive Life Design?
Intuitive Life Design is a program designed to help you discover and live your truest and most aligned soul purpose. Our program combines intuitive guidance and life design principles to help you create a soul mission and make positive changes in your life.


What can I expect from the Intuitive Life Design Program?

Through the program, you will receive personalized guidance from a certified life design coach, as well as access to our library of resources and tools to help you create a soul mission and make changes in your life. You will also have the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path of self-discovery.

How do I know if Intuitive Life Design is right for me?

Intuitive Life Design is a great fit for anyone who is looking to connect to their inner guidance and manifest their soul mission. If you’re feeling ready to make positive changes in your life and live your most aligned purpose, Intuitive Life Design can provide you with the tools and resources to help you on this journey.

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