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Pushpa Devi

Published Author, Personal Development Coach & Speaker

Debut Release

The Lucky Lotus


Born in India and taken to America without her mother's permission, Pushpa Devi was challenged to choose a life of growth or to sit in the muddy, messy life she was given. As Pushpa works to find her way out of the darkness, she invites the reader in to experience how she muddles through the dirty life experiences lying dormant in her mind, and pushes through to come out into the light.

 Join Pushpa on her journey and find the beauty of lotuses for yourself.

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B. Smith

“Wow… just finished this inspirational book. Gritty and raw, passionate and beautiful, disturbing and uncomfortable, Pushpa Devi courageously tells us the story of her life"
“WOW!! Amazing! Stunning! Raw! Beautiful! These are just a few of the adjectives to describe The Lucky Lotus. Once I began reading The Lucky Lotus, I could not help but devour it cover to cover!”
"Stunning loss, intrigue, revelations, heartbreak, joy, love, strength, healing. It’s worth the read…
every filthy dirty word of it! "




Welcome to the filthy dirty mire!

I wrote "The Lucky Lotus: the filthy dirty life of an adopted East Indian girl in an alabaster world" over a period of three decades. The book is a raw and gritty reflection of what it is like to experience deep trauma but find the beauty in it all.  Just as that which blooms from the mire and becomes a beautiful flower, so have I. 

Author Pushpa Devi
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