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Pushpa Devi has been a resident of Jacksonville, Florida for the past thirty years. She grew up in Corvallis, Oregon for eighteen years, earning her Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Sciences from Oregon State.


Her career has focused on health and wellness, ranging from personal training to individual life coaching to corporate wellness program development.


After many years of processing the traumas she experienced, Pushpa released her first book, The Lucky Lotus, the filthy dirty life of an East Indian adopted girl in an alabaster world, in January 2023. 


She still lives life as a brown girl in a white world.

The Lucky Lotus recounts her life from being born in India into difficult circumstances to being adopted into the United States and its many ups and downs. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, interracial relations, family challenges, and a loveless adoptive mother weigh down the heart of Pushpa. Through a creative and eloquent yet simple and blunt internal dialogue, she takes you through her healing journey.

Devi survives it and now found her way to thrive. She grew out of the murky muddy life of the seed of a lotus through the water and bloomed into a beautiful flower. Her hope is to help others see that there is a gift from all things messy and dirty in life. 

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