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National Flower
National Flower

Debut Release

The Lucky Lotus

Published with gratitude and love in January of 2023.

Born in India and taken to America where she was adopted without her mother’s permission, Pushpa Devi was challenged to choose a life of growth or to sit in the muddy, messy life she was given.


As Pushpa works to find her way out of the darkness, she invites the reader to experience how she muddles through the dirty life experiences lying dormant deep in her mind that she must push through before coming out into the light.


Written from the soul, Pushpa Devi shares this raw search for identity, meaning, love, and peace openly and with honest candor. As she learns to find the truth and beauty in all things unclean, she finds the blossoms of life, like the lotus, lie in the dirtiest parts where seeds of truth grow and become beautiful.


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