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Personal Development Coaching


Harnessing 30 Years of Wisdom for Lasting Transformation 
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There is life on the flip side of trauma

Your story right now has the hidden wisdom for growth and success. 

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National Flower

Hi, I'm Pushpa!

Published author, speaker and personal development coach

Welcome to my website dedicated to personal development. I strongly believe in the power of continuous growth and transformation. That has been an integral part of my own life as I have embarked on a lifelong journey of learning and self-improvement.

Throughout my personal struggles, including enduring feelings of despair and contemplating suicide, I was compelled to work on myself. From being adopted by individuals of a different race to experiencing sexual abuse from my biological father, physical abuse from a partner, and enduring emotionally abusive relationships, I faced numerous challenges. However, amidst the darkness, I held onto the belief that I had a purpose and that there was a greater good awaiting me.

Motivated by this belief, I tirelessly sought ways to navigate my struggles and improve my well-being. I explored various tools and techniques, gradually transitioning from a place of darkness to one of genuine happiness and positivity.


Remarkably, those around me were often unaware of the battles I was fighting internally. Although it was initially challenging, I honed the ability to shift my state of being swiftly and effectively.

Drawing from the wisdom gained over the course of those transformative decades, I am passionate about sharing the goodness and insights I have acquired with you.


You may think that you haven't experienced significant trauma, but we often carry burdens without even realizing it, considering them to be a normal part of life. Trauma can manifest in seemingly minor incidents, such as the way a coworker treats us or a friend's hurtful comment that we internalize and allow to shape our subconscious identity.

With my wide range of personal experiences, I have cultivated a diverse toolkit of strategies that I am eager to share with you. Allow me to guide you in bridging the gap between mere survival and true thriving. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to live up to your full potential and positively impact the world around you. Choose to live your dreams!.

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What to Expect

1/ Complete online intake form

We will review the intake form together in person or via Zoom.

2/ Create a plan

We will create a roadmap to help you reach your goals.

3/ Implement plan

Getting started and creating momentum to keep you going!

Success Stories


"Pushpa has an organic, true gift that most of us could only dream of being able to share with others. Her gentle, kind spirit is not intimidating, but confident, genuine, and spot on! Pushpa was able to help me bring back positive energy in my home during a time of family illness and un-neighborly vibes."

Anne-Marie Tucker

Happiness Guaranteed

There is no reason that you won't be happy! We will make sure of it! If you are not happy contact us and we will do what it takes to create happiness with your experience!

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