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Welcome to the filthy dirty mire!


I wrote "The Lucky Lotus, the filthy dirty life of an adopted East Indian girl in an alabaster world" over a period of three decades. The book is a raw and gritty reflection of what it is like to experience deep trauma but find the beauty in it all. Just as that which blooms from the mire and becomes a beautiful flower, so have I.


My modality of healing starts in a hot yoga studio with postures that take me back through memories that surface and roil and awaken my spirituality to the goodness in each experience. I was born in India and adopted at the age of six. I grew up with my adopted Caucasian family in the soap creek valley outside of Corvallis, Oregon in the 1970s and received my citizenship in the Benton Country Courthouse.


I live happily in the sunshine state of Florida. In my desire to help others heal, grow and prosper, I work as a real estate professional and own a business called Intuitive Life Design.

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